Why a Tree?

Jill is fortunate enough to be able to feel energy from trees, and she developed a conscious connection with this particular Tree during a challenging time in her life.
Schiller Park, in Columbus' German Village, has dozens of trees, a pond with ducks and a lovely flower garden. Jill gave attention to each of these in her visits, but nonetheless she was drawn time and again to her Tree. It became clear over the months that some greater power had ensured that the Tree and Jill would find one another. Jill recognized the nurturing spirit of the Tree and she could feel her connection to the Universe through it.
During 2008 Jill went through a major life transition which motivated her to explore all facets of her life, both personally and professionally. She spent countless hours with her Tree, contemplating what path her life was to take. Throughout the year, Jill walked innumerable miles around Columbus and almost always found herself ending her walks at her Tree. Additional time at the Tree was devoted to meditating and reading.
A favorite meditation of Jill's involves visualizing sending a tube from her heart chakra, down into the earth, past the tree roots, clear to the core of the earth. Once grounding energy from Mother Earth is flowing up into the heart, the tube is extended up into the Universe to the brightest star. Earth energy and Universal energy blend together and flow throughout the recipient's body. Doing this meditation in the company of the Tree, with the actual tree roots extending into the earth and the branches reaching into the sky, added an extra degree of connectedness with both the Tree and the Universe.
The Tree has a limb that wonderfully sweeps down as if to embrace any passerby. This imagery was part of what allowed Jill to feel safe in the presence of the Tree. As the relationship between the Tree and Jill grew it became clear that they were one with each other.
Jill had already begun working in energy therapy by this time and she knew that she wanted to find a way to make this work a bigger part of her life. The strength she received from her Tree provided the courage necessary to accept that energy therapy was meant to be her full-time work. It would be some time before this would become a reality, but the Tree was instrumental in making this happen. Jill continues to visit her Tree whenever she has the opportunity to be in Columbus. It was clear to Jill that her Tree had to play a prominent role in her energy therapy business. She chose to honor her Tree by using Darcy's Essence Sketch, given a few years ago as a gift, as the Alpha Healing Arts logo.