Here are some firsthand accounts of what Healing Touch® and Healing Touch for Animals® have meant for a few of Alpha Healing Arts's current clients.

" When I first found out I was pregnant I knew the possibility of having a large child was very good. My husband and my brother were both very large babies, my husband was over 10lbs at birth. So from the first day of knowing I was pregnant I had a bit of anxiety of this possible issue. Throughout the pregnancy I made sure I ate properly, and was very strict on my diet. I ended up losing over 30lbs the first trimester. I was walking and working out regularly at a light fashion for the best interest for the child. Once I had the gestational diabetes results I thought I was home free, as I was over ten points under the mark were they do the three hour test. Throughout the pregnancy my son always measured large, but I hoped that just meant the due date was a little off. At 38 weeks through an ultrasound my son measured a little over 9lbs. I freaked. I did not want a C-section at all. My plan for an all-natural birth was down the drain. I was very upset. My mother called Jill to see if she could help me with my anxiety through her treatment session. Jill was very kind and assured me that everything was going to work out. The session was very relaxing. Jill did a bit of energy work with me and did notice stronger energy levels around the baby. I felt much more in control and centered, rather than before being a nervous wreck. I especially enjoyed the Mind Clearing Technique. After the session I was able to talk with my husband and plan our options a little better and more logically. I am very grateful for my session with Jill, as it allowed for me to calm down and realize none of the stress I was worried about could be in my total control. In the end, everything in the end turned out perfectly." - Melissa Myers

Jill first worked with Rusty, my aging dog with back problems. I saw improvements in him after several sessions, even to the point of him acting more youthful and energetic.

During Rusty's sessions, Jill and I had conversations about the benefits of doing similar therapy on me and I became a client of Jill's. At that time I was a 15-year "survivor" of a kidney transplant. On the first session, Jill introduced my transplanted kidney to the rest of my body and worked on healing the scar tissue. I am not correlating that session medically to a better kidney function test the next month, but it was a very interesting coincidence. Subsequent kidney function tests have maintained that test result or better. I have gone from Stage 4 kidney failure, on the verge of needing dialysis or another kidney transplant, to Stage 3 kidney failure, a lower level of failure requiring less intervention on the part of a nephrologist.

Jill and I continue the sessions, addressing concerns such as stomach and intestinal problems, follow-up after varicose vein surgery, and general well-being. I come away from these sessions more energetic, less stressed, sleeping better, and with an overall sense of well-being.

I recently experienced a near-fatal bout of Histoplasmosis, which required several weeks in Intensive Care and a step-down unit. I then spent about 7 weeks in rehab, regaining my ability to walk. Jill offered a distance treatment while I was still in ICU, a hands-on treatment while in the step-down unit, and several onsite visits at the rehab center.

I would recommend Healing Touch to everyone and would specifically recommend Jill as the practitioner.

Catherine Seifert
Chillicothe, OH

I phoned Alpha Healing Arts after months of frustration of trying to integrate a new kitty into my home. I had tried everything suggested by "the experts" with no luck.

My existing cat, Deanie, was extremely territorial and aggressive, always growling and hissing. Mildred, the newcomer, eventually became aggressive in retaliation, and I was at my wit's end always afraid to leave them alone together.

The cats immediately responded positively to Jill and her energy work. In fact, both cats, touch-me-nots with strangers, warmed up to Jill and soaked up all the energy. They even let her pet them.

Mildred is now excellent and has not charged Deanie in weeks. Deanie may still occasionally growl, but is overall much calmer and less aggressive. We now have a much calmer home.

Thank-You Alpha Healing Arts!

My daughter, Terri, was so excited when she found Jill's Healing Touch and wanted me to experience it too. I was skeptical and so for Christmas she gave me a gift certificate. I decided to give it a try since I have Lupus and experience a lot of pain & fatigue from time to time. The first time was amazing! I could feel heat when Jill wasn't even touching me. About a month ago, I was experiencing extreme fatigue. To even think about just going from one room to another seemed overwhelming. I felt like I had died or someone had drained all of my blood and left a shell. There were days when I would have to leave work in the middle of the day to just to go home and go to bed. I called Jill for an appointment and literally drug myself to her office. After one treatment, I felt so much better and by the second one I couldn't believe how good I felt! Thank you Jill for whatever it is that you do! (I call it magic!) And thank you Terri for the best gift ever!
Linda Martin, Chillicothe

I can't imagine what I would do without the benefits of Jill and Healing Touch.
I was diagnosed with a chronic disease called Chondrocalcinosis with Articular Loose Bodies. My body produces too much calcium; therefore, calcium deposits on my left hip joint break loose and travel through my groin area. I was unable to walk and the pain was excruciating. I was put on morphine for the pain and missed 2 months' work.
Hearing about Healing Touch, I decided to give it a try. What a blessing!! After my first session, I felt pain relief and each session after I continued to improve.
Healing Touch gave me my life back. I have not taken pain medication for 1-1/2 years.
Jill is fantastic. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She is not only my energy therapist, she is a dear friend. I look forward to my sessions.
Healing Touch has become part of my health care.
What would I do without Jill and Healing Touch? I don't even want to imagine. Healing Touch has changed my life.
A most grateful client,
Tracy Ferryman

"Buddy, a large palomino appaloosa mix gelding had mysteriously sliced his tongue almost completely off while in the pasture. It was literally hanging on by a thread. I called Jill immediately after the vet left and asked her to do a distance healing on him. Buddy is twenty + years old. We didn't want to think about having to amputate his tongue...or worse.

Our vet advised us to do a wait & see on him with special care. After less than two weeks of special care, and this is including Jill Zimmerman, Buddy's tongue had healed to the point that he could be returned safely to the pasture."

- Mary Jones, Founding Director, WHINNY Horse Rescue. Crooksville, OH www.WhinnyHorseRescue.org

"I am a 38-year-old woman with cerebral palsy.  My life hasn't been miserable but I always have a close feeling.  Relaxing was impossible most of the time.  My first treatment we tried on the table and I could not relax.  My second Healing Touch treatment I did on the floor on a rug in my living room.  I felt so relaxed, I felt as if my body was sinking right into the rug.  I could not believe it!!!  It was a brand new feeling to me.  Even a day or two afterwards, my insides were not bundled up.  It felt awesome!!  It felt funny when I felt my right foot or the foot that never goes down hit the floor for the first time and not having your knee bent like it normally is.  I felt like I was actually relaxing after the second treatment.  When I relaxed it felt as if Jill had a very wrinkled pair of pants that she was ironing and she got all of the wrinkles out, but the body did not wrinkle again.  We all deserve to feel that way.  I called my mother and sister-in-law just to tell them how different but good I felt.  I would recommend Healing Touch for anyone with cerebral palsy or for anyone who just is tight." - Michelle Gifford  Circleville, OH

"Pierre, our 5 year old French Bulldog, slipped a disk causing spinal compression. Surgery was done to repair what they could, but this ultimately caused permanent paralysis in his hind legs. Jill came soon after surgery to offer a HEALING TOUCH FOR ANIMALS treatment to Pierre; she used an Essential Oil to help him relax and also offered a sample of a pet-safe ointment to help his incision heal.  Pierre has some moderate aggression issues toward strangers, so it takes about 15 minutes for things to melllow down when Jill comes to do a treatment.  Typically all of the dogs in the house are relaxed after Pierre receives a treatment, even the two dogs who are rooms away." Nate & Cari Steinbrook   Chillicothe, OH

"Thank you for my Healing Touch treatment.  My headache is gone and my back is feeling a lot better.  I haven't felt this good for along time!  Thanks for working your magic."  - Angela Hicks    Waverly, OH

"Thank you for introducing healing touch into ours lives. I'm excited to come back next week for the follow up. After the treatment AJ had a release and cried for 20 minutes and then was in a great mood and when we got home he took a long nap. I am noticing  a difference in him and myself as well. "  - Sasha Putnam   Chillicothe, OH

"I believe in what you do, because I can see that it works." - Bev | Chillicothe, OH

"I have shoulder and knee injuries from sports. The session helped me relax and the Healing Touch helped my injury pain become less painful. I already have my next session scheduled." - Chelsea Bapst | Beaver, OH

"My dog, Ginger, is about 9 years old. She is a mama's baby and really doesn't seem to care for anyone else. Jill has taught me several techniques to use with Ginger, and they seem to really work.

Although she still may be a little nervous around others, she has made tremendous progress. Ginger will now actually go up to smell others before backing off and the barking and growling have almost stopped completely. I am very pleased with the results, and plan to continue our sessions with Jill. I can say with confidence that we are believers."

- Laura Ramey & Ginger | Circleville, OH

"The session was amazing! I believed in Healing Touch before but I had no idea what positive thinking can do!! I never thought in a million years I would see my 48-year-old brother who has Cerebral Palsy stretched out on a table, relaxed, still, no muscle tension, no spasms ,and the biggest smile on his face! FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE HE DIDN'T HURT!!!! I think we finally found the therapy he needs." - Bev Garrett, sister of Bob Gifford | Circleville, OH

"I feel so good, I'm not stiff. I can walk without hurting, my back hasn't hurt all day. I took Puddles for a walk and didn't stumble like I usually do. And I haven't drooled all day. I'm eager to do another session." - Bob Gifford, brother of Bev Garrett | Circleville, OH

"I wanted to let you know that after the treatment I received from you yesterday I feel refreshed and quite energized. I come from a family in which some members had a history of anxieties and depressions and as genetics go sometimes I experience some of these myself. I choose to "clear" my head and body with exercise. After experiencing a treatment from you I can see that Healing Touch ® is an extra bonus to my overall health. Thanks for opening the door for me to what you do!" - Teresa Rinehart | Chillicothe, OH

"My first experience with Healing Touch for Animals ® was after Savvy, one of my German Shepherds, was seriously injured. I noticed that Savvy always ate well after her sessions. She started to gain back weight that she had lost since being injured and her overall affect improved within a few days of Jill beginning to work with her. Savvy is typically wary and tense around unfamiliar people but she relaxed in Jill's presence from the very first day. I noticed and appreciated that Jill explained what she was doing as she worked. I was pleased to see that Jill clearly respected Savvy and her needs. I will now be sharing information with Healing Touch for Animals ® with my clients."

- Dr. Denise Burdett, DVM, Companion Animal Hospital | Chillicothe, OH

"My family said how amazing I looked and how much calmer I was after my treatment. I wasn't snapping at everyone as much (from being in chronic pain). They told me to make sure I go back for my next appointment." - James Alexander | Chillicothe, OH

"I really enjoyed the experience. It was so relaxing, but at the same time exciting. I felt tingling and twitching in my left shoulder and top lip. After the treatment I felt like a bowl of jello! So relaxed all I wanted was to take a nap. I have not had a headache since my treatment! I can't wait until my next session!!" - Lori Trent | Laurelville, OH

"I laughed when my wife told me about the treatment! I told her energy was 110 or 220 and not stored in the body! During the session I felt twitching and movements that I didn't make; it was very strange. As I began to relax I could feel the pain in my knee and back melt away. Now I keep asking my wife to please give me an "ultrasound". I will absolutely schedule another session." - Larry Trent | Laurelville, OH