About Us

Jill Zimmerman, Owner of the Alpha Healing Arts, is a full-time practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals ® and Healing Touch ®. Her first career was as a teacher and administrator in programs serving children with significant developmental disabilities. She became interested in energy therapy when her pointer, Maddy, developed a serious behavior problem. The use of energy therapy as part of Maddy's integrative care resulted in a happier life for all involved. Jill holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Capital University and a Master of Arts degree from The Ohio State University. She has a passion for energetically supporting animals and humans who have emotional challenges and/or who have experienced trauma of any type. She has taken a class in animal communication. She has a strong interest in using essential oils in her work with both animals and humans. She enjoys teaching all clients, both children and adult learners, about energy therapy. Jill offers Healing Touch ® sessions in the client's home or at Alpha Healing Arts; Healing Touch for Animals ® sessions are offered in the client's home, barn, veterinarian's office or wherever the client's animal is.

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